Leave No Trace

I have added this extra page in the hope that should anyone reading my blog decide to give wild camping a go then I need to actively encourage the “Leave no Trace” rule.

Well, I suppose I should say “un-written rule”.

The practice of wild camping is on the increase, more and more people have become hooked on the idea and why not, it’s a really rewarding outdoor activity.  However as more and more people pick up their rucksack, inevitably the wrong type of person will also want to have a go.

When I say wrong type of person I mean those who think a party is on the cards, disturbing the wildlife, damaging the countryside, leaving rubbish behind and not dealing with toilet activities properly (particularly a pet hate of mine).  Dig a hole, its simple!

On a few occasion I have had the misfortune to turn up to a nice quiet spot only to find loads of rubbish which I feel obliged to remove myself.  The thought of anyone coming across me and thinking I left a mess doesn’t bare thinking about.

If wild camping is to flourish and more people take it up then we all have a part to play in keeping our environment fit for everyone to use for generations.

Please, please leave your camping pitch how you would wish to find it, don’t let our beautiful countryside turn into a giant tip.

Remember, what you carried in is lighter to carry out so there are no excuses.